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Welcome to
Ashu Skin Care - Best Skin, Hair, Weight Loss, Laser & Aesthetic Clinic.

Welcome to Ashu Skin Care
Dr. Anita Rath's Skin & Hair Clinic .


We offer affordable very high quality skin, Laser, Slimming & Hair care services at our Clinic to everyone
who care about their beauty, health , Hair, asthetic Skin and would like to enhance it.

The best treatments are provided by highly experienced renowned internationally aclaimed dermatologist Dr Anita Rath
for all types of Skin & Hair diseases treatment

You can get professional quality treatments of a wide
range of skin, Hair & Weight loss, Laser treatments with the most advanced & newest therapy at our Clinic Ashu Skin Care.

What makes us different

Modern Techniques

We use a combination of traditional natural and modern techniques,latest Laser Machienes, Newest medications, beauty enhance equipments that brings natural glow & brightness to your Skin & Face. Being one of the Best Hair Clinic in Bhubaneswar, we offer an wide array of anti hair loss treatments along with Hair Transplant.

Patient Care

We offer the best & newest customized scintifically proven evidence based treatments for everyone with outmost empathetic patient care by our doctors, cosmetologists, front office managers & customer care officers. Our treatments have a very high
success rate with 100% assured results.

Excellent Services

We offers a wide variety of services for treatment of Allergy, Eczema, Psoriasis, Acne, Pimples, Scars, Hair Fall, Obesity, PCOD, Tattoo & Unwanted Hair Removal, Hair Transplant, PRP, Skin Brightening, Glutathione Treatment, Wart & Mole Removal, Vitiligo, Cosmetic, Gynecology. that helps in treating all your skin, Hair, beauty & Obesity related problems.

Natural, Beautiful & Shinning...Get the look that you desire.

We believe your Skin & Hair is very important for your overall health. book a free
appoinment today to avoid problems & to find a new youth in you regardless of your age & lifestyle.

main services

We offer very high quality newest treatment protocols for Skin Care, Hair Care, Slimming, Cosmetic, Laser Skincare, Weight Loss Services for all at our clinic.


Wellness & beauty awaits you

Experience the top level of wellness, Ageless beauty and asthetic services & Cosmetic Care at Ashu Skin Care, Dr. Anita Rath's Clinic!
We know how to rejuvenate & brighten your skin & regain your youth & bring back your self esteem & Confidence in you.

latest blog posts

PRP Treatment For Hairfall

We treat hair loss and hair fall problems with Hair Restoration & Regrowth by medication, PRP - Platelet rich plasma therapy with natural growth factors, Stem cell therapy, derma roller therapy, derma pen, micro needling and hair mesotherapy, Stem Cell Therapy, laser with 100 % assured results at our Clinic.

Skin Brightening

We offer various types of skin brightening treatments, medicated peeling & laser skin rejuvention,prp,glutathione therapy etc that helps in collegen synthesis & reduces pigmentation on your skin by decreasing melanin production & helps in getting brighter glowing & shinning face & skin.

Weight Loss

We do lipolysis by latest fat freezing Cryo lipolysis machine, Laser Lipolysis, Ultrasonic Lipolysis, Steam therapy, Lipolysis Massage, Heat therapy, medications, Nutrition therapy & Diet Counselling. Our Express weight loss programme helps you in achieving your ideal weight in a quick time.